Bridges Of Hope & Lions Of Courage!

“Bridges Of Hope & Lions Of Courage!” Telling your family, friends and loved ones how much you love them and are proud of them every day will make their days not seem so um…every day! I ain’t lion! Jus’ sayin’! That encouragement gives us a bridge and the courage to cross over to that hope every day and live life. Have the courage to see what’s out there. I love C. S. Lewis’s Aslan! His roar gives us courage. Faith. Gentle as a lamb, strong as lion. That’s how we should be. BTW? The photographs are from last weekend at St. Augustine at The Bridge Of Lions. It was a small miracle for me. For us. And, I ain’t lion. We crossed a bridge. Many more to come. Gently roar courage to someone today. Signed, The Love From Above Is Within To Give Withou

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