BowKinKnee People, Mums & Roses!

"BowKinKnee People, Mums & Roses!" Some things carry more weight to those around us when we apply “an ounce” of quiet than a pound of announce. PIMP LOL. Announce a baby. An ounce of quiet about someone acting like a baby. Announce a talent. An ounce of quiet about your own. Announce thanksgiving, an ounce of quiet about your humbleness. Announce a gift received, an ounce of quiet about your giving. We don’t need to pound anything in. An ounce of quiet weighs more than a pound of announce. On God’s scales. His love is weigh louder than any horn I could blow. And carrues more weight than anyone. We all need balcony people. Others we trust, akin to. Who love to cheer us on, as well as bow their knees and pray! Bow-kin-knee people. Those who will get up high and get down low. And, God has the balcony of our hearts. From on high and down low. In us. And, sometimes, that’s gotta be enough. Cheers! Much obliged to you bowkinknees. When mums the word, you come out smelling like a rose. PIMP LOL. Photograph? From my garden. Artowrk from my photo editor. Signed, Fearing Not To Cheering A Lot

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