"BIRDS & BUTTERFLIES! WINGIN' IT & WATERIN' IT & WORKIN' IT!" So, I've been watching the same 2 beauteous butterflies breezily flap and flutter around our front yard and the neighbors for 3 days now every morn. And, the same 2 fine feathered flying friends frolicking through out our Norfolk Pine. How’d I know it was the same 2 butterflies and birds? They speak to me! What? Don’t they to everyone? PIMP LOL. Their wings give me flight! Even when I feel I can hardly walk. And, all I had to do was give the front yard a bit of watering. Not much. Costs too much to water anymore. I leave that up to God and His rain. Have a fine frolicking uplifting day. Take flight. Fly. Spread your wings. Let the wonders of God’s creation speak to you. What a playground! And, what a work field! Don’t forget to water both! SIGNED, Wingin’ It & Waterin’ It & Workin’ It

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