Belts & Praise!

“BELTS & PRAISE!” So, yeauh. I sometimes have to have a stiff belt to be able to belt it out! Nah! Not the kind I used to have to have. Nah. I’m talking an actual stiff leather belt to go ‘round my jeans and my guts so they don’t fall down OR out while I’m belting it out. PIMP LOL. So, thankful my belts go ‘round me and outta me rather than IN me these days! These days my strongest and most miraculous working belt? God. He tightens me up giving me guts and strength. And, He no me peace which loosens me up! Both without the other belt. He is topnotch! So, cheers, all you fellow musicians and belters! I raise my belt to you! And, to God. Who gives us reason to raise the praise. In the tight times and loose times. It’s okay to praise God and to praise others. It raises them up. Now, come by and belt a few out with us at our website: Signed, I’ve Felt The Belt

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