Barrettes & New Growth!

“Barrettes & New Growth!” I cherish this pretty green leafy barrette in my wild hair today? Why? Because many years back, my Mom sacrificed a lot to get me this barrette and the prettiest shirt ever. They were very expensive in the mall. Big stuff for me. We couldn’t afford much for years and I didn’t get new school clothes and things like that, but I cherish this barrette. Because of the sacrifice. It is so lovely. And, it holds my hair back. But, if doesn’t hold my heart back. From growing… And, I’m always looking for ways to grow. Just like the Honeysuckle on our fence. We had to chop it all down to rebuild our fence. But, it’s growing back… Not holding back! And, I’m peeking in through the fence to say have a great week, guys. Don’t hold back! I’m still not feeling my best, but I’m growing and I’m not holding back… Not too much. Even when I’m resting… And, you know, the fence also reminded me of being in jail! You know me! Anyways, sometimes, when we're growing, we feel like we are in a cage. In jail. Cuz, more growin' occurs when you are suffering. Sorry 'bout the photos of a sick girl. Like I said... I'm still not at my best. But, I still like to have the photdrama to go with the story... SIGNED, The Barrette Lover In Me

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