Bags & Handfuls!

"BAGS & HANDFULS!" Got out a bit today and enjoyed it with Donna. Wiped out now. So thankful for bright sun to hide the tiredness and the bags. PIMP LOL. And, add some brightness. Def sure I will sleep tonight. It was a small joy to just do a few hours of getting out without my body freaking out too badly. Not a big day for most, but for me? Huge! Not gonna be a big Christmas by the world's standards, but stable standards for me! Heart standards. That's huge! Anyways, enough mush and now for the humor. At Target, I accidentally threw an item at the cashier! It flew outta my hand. You just can't take me out. Unless you're willing to laugh. He laughed and said, "Okay! Okay! I'll go faster!" We had a great time laughing. I told him when I left that I only throw stuff at people I like. God bless him because I am a handful. Then, had to go back out to the grocery store just now because our daughter's plane flight got delayed from Texas, so we had to fit in the store before the airport. 1 car. And, I had my bags at the grocery store with me for a change. Course, next time, I should so bring the ones for the food. PIMP LOL. BTW? God gives us handfuls of blessings that we see if we look beyond the bags. Signed, The Gag's In The Bags

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