So, I do a lot of thinking outside on my porch. My porch ponders. It’s not a big fancy porch on the front of a big Victorian home like in my dreams, but it’s a pretty place to ponder. Anyways, I was sitting here looking at my antique sewing rocker that I got from my Dad when I was pregnant. We found in an old antique store. Which got me  thinking about antiques. The reason we even have antiques is because people take pride in creating and take pride in caring for things over a long period of time without fail. Antique survival requires attention to the smallest details both in creating and caring. To have history something has to survive. To be an antiquity, something has to have history. The word antiquity got me thinking on iniquity. You know? Those wicked unfair acts that we def don’t want to survive. Iniquities also requre attention to the smallest detail if we want them NOT to survive. When we are in the iniquity, we just want to quit, right? In I quit -y? Because I don't want it to become part of my history! We want to quit the iniquity and do not let it become part of our history.  Part of our past. Part of what has passed, more like! So, we can become the fine antiquities God intended. The kind that make history. God forgives the iniquities so we can become antiquities. As far as the east is from the west. Wow. That's all got to say. Wow.  Oh! And, yes, I had a ball out on the porch and hanging outside today with Mason. Ha ha. Get it? Mason? Ball? Maker of the mason? Had a Ball filled with ice cold refreshing water! Whilst God refreshed me with the Water Of Life. Washes away the iniquities before they become antiquities.   Signed, The Antique Freak

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