A Pear Of Gingered Chicken Breasts!

“A Pear Of Gingered Chicken Breasts!” So, what is that? It’s my new “out of necessity” food creation. I can’t have most bottled sauces or much of anything, so I had to get creative and come up with something to put in wraps, which I can have a few bites of. I do love making recipes out of my cookbooks, but I can’t eat most of the fine food in them that I used to cook all my life. Still cook some of the things for the fam and others. But, this is something for me. I was remembering an old recipe for baked chicken with a layer of peaches over the chicken layer and topped with a layer of bisquick. Got me thinking about pears, which I love. So, I came up with the “A Pear Of Gingered Chicken Breasts”. Sautéed! And, simple. Just slice up chicken breasts like you would do for fajitas and slice up some pears and also add a can of pears in heavy pear syrup. Yep. Marinade overnight. Next day, drain very well, sprinkle with a bit of ginger and sauté’ in butter and honey. Very light and tasty, but I would like to enhance it a bit next time and think of a way to make it have more sauce. Might even try an apple next time. See if that apple-als to me. I sure hope my bod can handle this new recipe. Running out of stuff I can eat. Well, that’s my new recipe and that’s a wrap! Oh! And, I just found out a little while ago that my Dad was taken by ambulance to the hospital for his heart. Please be a peach and keep him in your prayers. And, my Mom. A pear of prayers. Hope that apple-als to you. Well, I may not always cook by the book, but I try to live by the Good Book. SIGNED, The Not So By The Book Cook

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