“A li’l HORSE WHISPERING!” So, it was really good to practice last night after being sick for so long. Still not 100%. Nay! Not by far. You know how I can tell? I’m a li’l horse today. PIMP LOL. No worries. Gonna gallop right into another band practice later and eventually my strength will come back. You just gotta get back in the saddle sometimes. To stirrup things. Gotta have a funny lesson for today, lessin' we don't learn. So, in keeping with the mane thing…horse? The best grooming one can do for oneself is to bridle one's tongue. In or out of the corral. And, you’ll be a whinny-er. It behooves me to say that! Bridle your tongue. Not your voice! Okay! I’m out the gate with a gait! Off to talk to the Trainer. It will be a l'il hoarse whispering, I think. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, you can tell by the photodrama that I am already thinking of fall and winter... And, fur. Signed, The Filly Who’s A Pilly

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