Wheel Appeal!

"Wheel Appeal!" I can't race right now. In fact, I've been moving kind of slow for the past month with this flu stuff. But, still in the race. Just had to make a pit stop. Truly the pits! PIMP LOL. So, I pulled out my old photograph of my '69 Camaro I got in the 80's to remind me I can still find my pace in the race! I traded it in for a truck to haul equipment for our band at the time. I used to race around all night singing in it. My free safe zone. And, right now we are playing and singing along with Brown Eyed Girl and other tunes while I post this. Jamming to anything is our free zone. Being real! And, God gives us the freedom to be real. Nope. Still not doing 360's or peelouts, but I'm driven. My gas? Hope, faith and love. If you want to appeal to others? Be wheel. I mean real. Peel out. I mean peel off! The unreal, fake layers.  SIGNED, The Race In Trace Has Wheel Appeal & Zeal To Be Real