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Make yourself at home in the basic band room and listen to some of our tunes.  For the next 2 months, through New Year's,
we will have  "God's Favor (Emmanuel)" playing on our house sound system while you look through our place here.  We are
offering a free download of our studio version, as our gift to you.  It's off our “No Stranger To The Blues” Album  and has
every genre’ of music we love and you love.  Something for everyone! And every type of lyrics. You know?  Love songs, life
songs, an inspirational death song, Easter story, Christmas, etc., all done up with a purpose and our basic style.  All kinds and
blends, done up b.a.s.i.c.ally! So, you might get some blazz, blunk, block ‘n roll, etc. And, songs about everything.   You may
want to purchase a studio download of the album.  Go ahead! PIMP LOL. We'd love that! Our sales go right back into our
ministry, fixing our broken down equipment and helping others. Much thanks to everyone.  An adequate amount of much love
for supporting us!  We do have the album at iTunes, but not the free Christmas  song offer. We can only do that here where
I am the builder and manager of our site.  This place is more than a website.  It's the home of our music, videos, writing 
and hearts.  We built it, but He's our foundation. After you hear the Christmas song played through, If you'd like to listen to
the clips of our songs off our album, "No Stranger To The Blues", you can pause the player. It's at the very bottom of the
computer screen, the left side.  Anyway, our album contains all styles  of music we love.  Something sweet for every music
taste.  We do mix in a bit of blues with each. Some rock, country, jazz, funk without the junk, latin. All with a l'il blues.
Even some blazz and juze.  We also have alot of links at the top to check out. And other things to click on.  Just try clicking
on everything you see.  PIMP LOL.  It will take you somewhere. And you can scroll down the...ummm...scroll?  Yep. The scroll.
Just keep looking down the page and check out what's going on here. Then, after you get to the bottom?  Scroll back up and
check out all the links across the top.  Our album is on the basic record link. Lots of other basic stuff.  Check the links out. 
Like I said, you can click on most anything you see.  It'll take you somewhere else. If you click and things don't click? It
means, ummm...it's just a photo. I usually have some words if they are links, but, b.a.s.i.c.ally? You just never know with me,
so have fun.  One more thing.  We have recorded 7 new songs for our next album that include "Love Lifted Me", "Abide",
"Like Adam And Eve", and 4 others. With 3 left for the new album, tentatively called "b.a.s.ic.ally"!  Because we will
basically have every style we love all with a touch of b.a.s.i.c. blues!  Also put up a 3 covers, "Lover Of My Soul", and
2 Robbie Robertson videos.  Their videos are up on our YouTube.  You can click on each individual ones here or the
YouTube link at the bottom.  You can also check out some of the other vids that go with our current album's songs
over at our basic videodrama page.  Download our No Stranger album and check back soon to find out more about our new
upcoming album.

A pleasure and a privilege...

Music for the eyes, the ears, and the soul, b.a.s.i.c.ally!

the basic on b.a.s.i.c. and our album are both just clicks away.  You can take a spin...knock on wood!  No!  Really!  Just click on the wood or the spinning record.

the basics.. Jus' knock on wood!


...so, take a spin to basics albums


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